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Specialized in Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Photography

The results Erik Malm worked hard to achieve in the well known very difficult camera technique Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) has claimed close to twenty years of practice. However and very important, technique is not the goal but just a way to reach the artistic expression. Just as in music.

Erik Malm, born in 1964, began his artistic career as a musician. In the 1980s, he studied the clarinet at the College of Music (today Academy of Music and Drama) in Gothenburg, Sweden. He also studied conducting under professor Jorma Panula. In 1988, he was brought on as a solo clarinetist at the Malmö Stadsteater, today known as the Malmö Opera. He also founded the Filharmoniska Chamber Ensemble, which consisted of some of the most prominent young professionals in Sweden at the time. The ensemble performed at several music events and summer festivals.

Due to fatherhood, Erik later quit his professional career to co-found the family business Malmstolen AB in 1994. Here he was responsible for research and development of the ergonomic office chairs the company was specialized in. The business was later sold to one of the largest European holding companies in the industry in 2016. Today he works as a full-time photographer.

Erik has since his early childhood had a deep passion for nature as well as music, from which his love of photography stems. Rather than being just casual interests, they are fundamental passions deeply embedded in his DNA. Erik published his first book in 1999, which was quickly accompanied by four additional books as well as five co-productions, all in a traditional documentary style. Coincidence brought him down the photographic path he currently practices, a technique called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). 

He developed and polished an own version of the technique over the course of the next twenty years until he became one of the few, if not the only, photographer in the world to master its aesthetic in the way he does. Erik has been a devoted perfectionist since his early days as a musician and it is not until now that he dares to consider his work to be of the quality required for a public exhibition. It is because of this reason that only a few showcases have been associated with his name. He is now working with a several different projects, where the main project is titled ”Dedicated Life”. This project will also be adapted into a TV documentary by filmmaker Tony Meyer.

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